Welcome To Ship Care Bangladesh

Ship Care Bangladesh is a young and dynamic shipping agent in Bangladesh. We have operations in all the major ports of the country. We offer a wide range of shipping agency services to our international clients who send sea cargo to Bangladesh. We serve as a Full Agency, Protective Agency, Husbandry, and Cargo Operation Agency. We have a well-established network of long-standing partnerships with successful local operations and knowledge of local authorities and suppliers.

About us

Ship Care Bangladesh is a shipping agency listed in Chittagong port. We are a company of young spirit, founded to meet the challenges in the area of ship agency and consultancy services in Bangladesh. We create sustainable relationship with our customers: shipowners, charterers, exporters and importers, which demand expert assistance in maritime agency services in Bangladesh. [Read more…]

Our Services

SCB offers excellent port services and ship supplies at very reasonable costs to all ship owners or chatterers for various types of vessels calling at any major port in Bangladesh. We have proven knowledge and skills in dealing with different government offices more particularly Bangladeshi ports, the Department of shipping Bangladesh, Immigration, and Customs. Supported by our attentive and energetic personnel, we provide you with the latest updates and reports, so that you can follow the developments of the call and make well-informed decisions sitting in your own office.

Ship/Full Agency

SCB offers a wide range of marine agency services in Bangladesh which includes organizing Stevedoring, Cargo handling supervision, Container control, Transportation, Tallying & Quality control, Certification, Warehousing, and Stevedoring, etc.

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Port Agency

As a port agent, our personnel dedicates themselves at the service of a ship as soon as it reaches outer anchorage for our foreign principals who send cargo to Bangladesh. All of its requirements are looked after with priority ocean round the clock until it sails off.

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Protecting Agency

The list of shipping companies in Bangladesh is not small. What makes us different is our honesty and hard work. As a Protecting Agent, we serve with transparency and efficiency to solve problems when the vessel is consigned to another agent, acting on behalf of the Owner, Time-Charterers or Charterers to protect their interest when under the charter party.

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Husbandry Services

We offer a personalized attendance for owners’ attendance and crewing, with services like Husbandry Agency, Marine surveys, and Crew changes.

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Project Cargo Operation

Because of their nature and value, industrial project cargoes, heavy lifts, and oversized goods need special care and transportation plan. To ensure that Ship Care Bangladesh offers individual supervision during the cargo operations throughout the transport chain. We supervise loading and unloading, protecting cargo documentation, and timely reporting upon customer requests which makes us trustworthy among other shipping agents in Bangladesh.

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